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Is it enough just a Bed and Breakfast?

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Is it enough just a Bed and Breakfast?

Your guests ask more than just a simple accomodation.

Follow up with nice tips and undiscovered places in your destination.

It is more than obvious that guests are now more demanding than ever.

They want to explore the destination.
To taste traditional dishes.
To live unforgettable experiences.
But not in typical/massive touristic places.

They want to be sure that their experience from each destination will be directly from locals.


They want to share it in their social media. To tell their story by creating Instagram stories or Live videos.

The new word of mouth is something that doesn’t have to scare you.

We can help you give your guests what they want.


They want to book their own experience Online

Before their arrival they want to imagine their trip and book from your suggestions. You know better than any OTA who is the best cooker or local tour supplier. Prepare for him several suggestions and give the chance to book before their arrival a unique package of local services.


They want everything to be scheduled online

For example after the accomodation they want to schedule their transfer. They don’t want to be stressed on how they will find their hotel or Villa. Remember they are in different country, with different language and people. For your guests having all necessary information and services in a bookable way it is very important.


Travelotopos is the online booking engine for hotels extras that will increase your guests satisfaction before their arrival…