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Channel Manager: GetYourGuide Mapping Instructions

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Channel Manager: GetYourGuide Mapping Instructions


Channel Manager: GetYourGuide mapping instructions


Dear Travelotopers,


you may have heard that Travelotopos is one of the 13 booking engines worldwide that is integrated with GetYourGuide. So from now on you can map your products with GetYourGuide and manage all your selling points from Travelotopos. How to do that? Follow the steps below:

Enable GetYourGuide channel in Travelotopos

  1. Login to Travelotopos extranet:
  2. Enable GetYourGuide channel to Configuration->service configuration
  3. After this you will have to enable GetYourGuide for each service you sync with GetYourGuide. For example for Tour1 you will have to check the box of GetYourGuide
  4. Ask in this email: a report of the Product IDs

Enable Travelotopos connection to GetYourGuide extranet

Login to your GetYourGuide profile here:

Select Products and then Manage Products.

As soon as you select the product you have to sync it. So you will go to Options and in Connectivity Settings you will press Edit

From the drop down menu you will choose Travelotopos and from the xcel you will paste the Product ID.

That’s it!

You are live!