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Bleisure is the new reality. Are you up to date?

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Bleisure is the new reality. Are you up to date?

The digital revolution brought us to an environment of digital nomads to full-time free lancers in a co-working space, a new addition now with the Generation Y entering the work force, another change to the business ecosystem has arrived. The hybrid bleisure of business and leisure travel.


Technology has blurred the character of the business trip due to the tendency of many younger business travelers to combine work with additional leisure time and be on “bleisure” trips.


Why this is important to us?

The growing trend of “bleisure”  travel benefits independent MICE hotels and Activities. Millennials and Generation Y are being well known for their love to travel and opting for unique, tailored experiences of the destination they visit.


Let us break it down for you.

A business hotel is experiencing higher occupancies during the week, whereas the weekend is rather quitter. With bleisure travelers, extending their business stay and combining at leisure a long weekend accompanied with local experiential activities.


The rapidly growing development of “bleisure” trips presents huge opportunities for the travel market.


A work easier attitude of the new age travelers leads them to seek experiences and add weekends (in sometimes even weeks), to work trip whether solo, with partner or as a family member.


How to keep up?

Travelotopos ltd, provides you the solutions to intensify your activity sales and keeps you up to date with the market trends. Transform your business today and lead the way in the new age travel market.

 In brief, work easier and smarter, by using the correct tools to achieve your business goals and stay ahead market trends.